Specialists in the Care, Management and Exhibition
of Art and Cultural Heritage

Collections Care

The real art of staying present and working with what is…

Whether the collection is large or small, comprised of one object or thousands – no matter the size of the budget – there is always something that a collections professional can offer that will improve the collection’s longevity and sustainability.

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What we cannot put into words we put out for others to see…and so the negotiation takes care of itself.

The challenge is to determine a means of  presenting the exhibition’s themes and ideas, offering alternative ways of perceiving the world and creating a sensory and emotional experience, while allowing the objects to serve as the foundation for the narrative.  

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Invisible Costume Mounts

Focusing on the essential…

Zarubica Collections elegant and timeless Invisible Costume Mounts eliminate all distractions and allow the object to come to the fore. Hand crafted with archival materials they are gentle enough to safely support highly fragile objects and can be fabricated on-site.

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